A downloadable Deep Down for Windows

***2.5d platformer made on a 48-hour period during iThrive+JamNATION game jam***

-----Theme of the game jam: Mental Health and Teens-oriented Games-----

-----Constraint: Wordless (no word or speaking in the gameplay)-----

Deep Down is an atmospheric platformer where the goal is to reach the depths of the cavern to help your friend. Can you reach them in time and help them get back outside before it is too late? 

The cavern represents anxiety and depression, where your friend is stuck. You may have the power to help them come back and feel better. The deeper you go, the more ominous it gets, representing the spiraling descent into depression. This game underlines the importance of social support in overcoming mental health issues. 


DeepDown.zip 67 MB
DeepDownBuild.zip 67 MB

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